Why Choose a WA Pool Heating System?

“Over 90% of people with a solar heated pool say they’d invest again in a solar pool heating system simply because they can enjoy their pool for longer each year.” – WA Pool Heating


Slash the Cost of Pool Heating

The joy of owning a pool includes early morning swims and late-night pool parties, but these can be expensive when using non-solar heating. A solar pool heating system makes these luxuries are more fun and more affordable. Using free energy from the sun, a solar heater warms your pool at a fraction of the cost of either gas pool heating or heat pumps, slashing your annual heating costs.


Double Your Swimming Season with a Solar Heated Pool

Did you know, most pools are only used for less than 3 months of the year? Of course, that’s in the peak of Summer when most unheated pools are only used during the day. Solar pool heating lets you enjoy your pool for more months of the year and even during night hours because it remains pleasantly warm. In fact, you can more than double your swimming season. Not only will you swim for more days in the year, you can also swim for longer each day.


Combo Heating Options

Solar pool heating can be installed in conjunction with other pool heater components including gas heaters and heat pumps. Working together these systems will offer a wonderfully warm pool at all hours of the day while significantly reducing your annual pool heating costs.


Boosts the Value of Your Pool

You’ve invested a lot of money in your pool, so it’s important you get the most out of it. A heated pool helps you maximise the value of your pool, giving you quality family time, more exercise and improved relaxation. Why settle for limited use when a solar pool heater gives you so much more?


Free, Eco-Friendly Energy!

Solar energy is the most cost-effective pool heating option. Not only is it cost-free, it’s also free of carbon-emissions and completely natural. Better for you, better for the environment.


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