Rigid Solar Panel Collectors Perth

Solar pool heating is perfect for Perth families who want to enjoy their pool in comfort. Running costs are minimal and pool water can remain at a lovely warm 28 degrees for 8 months of the year or more. Our Rigid Solar Panels will keep your Perth pool water warm for a longer swimming season and can dramatically cut the costs of your gas pool heater too.

Benefits of Solar Panels


Extend your summer by adding months to your swim-season


Low maintenance


Cost-effective with low running costs. In fact, most pool solar systems pretty much pay for themselves within a few years


Simple to use


Very reliable

Highest Quality Rigid Panels

At Perth’s WA Pool Heating we install the most durable, rigid solar panels available on the market today. Our rigid solar panels will keep your pool water blissfully warm for up to twice the usual swimming season so that you can start swimming sooner and enjoy it far longer into the cooler Autumn months. There is no better, more reliable, solar panel system available today.

Lifetime Pro-Rata Warranty

Our rigid solar panels come with a 10 year warranty and a lifetime pro-rata warranty.

Built to Last

  • Resistant to freezing
  • Resistant to vermin and cockatoos too!
  • Resistant to cyclones of more than 240km/h!
  • Factory tested for leaks and strength

Outstanding Performance

  • Superior heat absorption retain more thermal heat than any other type of solar collector (a whopping 10,828 BTUs per square metre)
  • Lose less heat thanks to our interconnected tube design
  • Fully moulded and extra thick for better durability and extended life expectancy

Rigid Solar Panels – How They Work

Free, Natural Energy from the Sun

A solar pool pump takes your cold pool water into the polymer solar panels located on your roof which are designed to absorb the sun’s energy and heat up the water as it passes through the small pipes of the collector. The heated water is returned to the pool, warmed by free energy from the sun. The water continuously pumps back into your pool, and so the cycle continues until your pool reaches the temperature you desire and the Solar controller unit switches the pump off.

Adjustable Temperatures

There is a manual override so you can choose to add additional heat or turn the heating system off whenever you choose.

Reliable Heat

Just 3-4 degrees of heat increase on your roof will make a substantial difference to the temperature of your Perth pool water. Our rigid solar panels will continue to work even on cloudy days when the sun cannot be seen because they absorb the ambient temperature increase even without direct solar rays.

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We’d love to talk to you about whether rigid solar panels are right for your pool. We offer expert advice on solar panels on their own or installed in conjunction with other swimming pool heating systems. For more information, please call us directly on Perth 0433 093 156 or contact us via our online enquiry form.


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