Pool Equipment Installation & Servicing Perth

At WA Pool Heating we can get your pool and spa ready early at the beginning of the season so it is up and fully functioning just as the warmer weather arrives. Why waste any swimmable months? Call us sooner, rather than later, and we will have your water sparkling blue, warm and ready to plunge into the very first time you want to take a dip.


Comprehensive Servicing & Maintenance

Service your pumps, chlorinators, filters, change the filter sand (recommended every 5-7 years), repair pool covers in the greater Perth area


Friendly Advice

We can help you with any aspect of your swimming pool or pool heating system. We can even advise you on DIY solar pool heating, if you prefer to install your solar system for yourself


Done-for-You Heater Maintenance

We can install, service and maintain your solar, gas and all other types of pool heaters. For more than 30 years we have been installing and looking after pool heaters in both in-ground and above ground pools in all parts of Perth – North and South of the river as well as the Metro region –so we have become quite expert at what we do


Fast Parts Replacement

Quickly find and install any replacement pool parts including heat pumps, solar covers, rollers, panels and collectors, manifolds, and PVC fittings that you may need so that your pool is available to enjoy all summer long!


Expert Installations

Our technicians calculate the size of solar system, pipes, fittings and any other pool heating equipment you’ll need to keep your pool temperature at a lovely ambient 26-32 degrees Celsius so that on cool evenings, fresh mornings and on breezy days it is a pleasure to dive into. (There’s nothing like a midnight swim in a warm pool under the stars of one of those cloudless nights!)


WA Pool Heating

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Phone: 0433 093 156
Email: info@wapoolheating.com.au