Solar Strip Collectors Perth

At Perth’s WA Pool Heating we install award-winning solar strip collectors made in Australia by Boss Solar. They are the most durable, reliable solar strip collectors on the market today and will give you many years of trouble-free service. In fact, they come with a long life 15 year warranty. Available in a range of roof colours, they can blend in seamlessly with your architectural structure.

Benefits of Solar Strip Collectors


Excellent heat absorption both from the sun and even the roof itself


Webbing links between each tube which limit the amount of trapped debris and dust – thus eliminating the need to clean


Collector widths that accommodate most roofing styles


Attractive, low profile designs which minimize tube shading and allow rain water to drain easily


Secure bonding to your roof

Award-Winning Quality

Our strip collectors are moulded out of long-lasting PVC Nitrite and are guaranteed leak free. They incorporate patented vacuum relief valves which reduce stress and flexing of the collectors by preventing pool water from accumulating on your roof and allowing it to drain away freely, relieving the negative pressure. At Perth’s WA Pool Heating we are confident that there is no better, more reliable, strip solar collector system available today.


How do Solar Strip Collectors Work?

1. Warmth from the Sun

A solar pool pump will pump the pool water through a series of collector tubes arranged on your roof. The collectors absorb  both the sun’s radiant heat and the warmth of the rooftop in the same way a garden hose absorbs heat when it is left lying on a hot driveway on a sunny day.

With solar strip collectors your Perth pool will become warmer with just 3-4 degrees of heat increase on roof. This means that even on cloudy days when there is little direct sun, your collectors will go on absorbing the ambient heat and transferring it to your pool water.

2. Perfect Water Temperature

The pump keeps the warmed water continuously circulating between the pool and the collectors so the pool has a non-stop top-up of warmed water.

An easily adjusted solar controller unit switches off the pump when the water reaches the personal comfort temperature you prefer and will only re-start it once the water temperature has cooled down to just below your pre-set temperature. The cycle then starts again to keep your solar swimming pool at the perfect temperature.

3. Optional Manual Control

You can also switch the solar strip collector system on manually or with a mobile control. This is great if you want to manually boost or reduce the pool’s temperature. It also has a tropical mode – so you can even cool your pool when it becomes too hot during a heat wave or you live in the tropics!

4. Extend Your Summer

The first few days your pool will take slightly longer to warm up, particularly at the beginning of the season. But once heated, you can keep your water warm by using an insulating roll-on pool cover so your pool doesn’t lose heat when the sun goes down.

Solar strip collectors can even be connected in Conjunction with your gas pool heating system to keep your pool heating costs down to a minimum.

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