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Viron XT Variable Speed Pumps

Astral Pool’s Viron XT pumps are very efficient, reducing the pool ownership and operating costs while offering astonishing high pressure and flow when required to meet the most demanding operation. A full variable speed controller lets you to set the flow rate to suit your pool and filtration and special features such as overdrive and fast prime make the XT the most adaptable variable speed pump on the market. Two sizes to suit the most demanding applications.

Benefits of Viron XT Variable Speed Pumps


Save between $700 and $1,200 annually in operating costs


Reduce carbon emissions


Longer equipment and pump life


High performance fast priming programs and overdrive mode


Whisper quiet operation

Efficiency for All

The challenge for swimming pool filtration systems is that for 90% of the time, efficient filtration and circulation of the pool water is accomplished with a gentle flow rate of 120 to 200 litres a minute. However, on occasion filter cleaning, vacuuming, and specific applications such as in floor cleaning, water features and spa jets require higher flow rates and pressures. The Viron XT provides speed settings from 600 RPM up to 3600 RPM so that the ideal flow rate can be set to suit anything your pump is being used for. Most pool filtration is comfortably handled by the P320XT however, for larger pools or more demanding applications, the P520XT provides a power house performance.


Simplicity of Operation

Unlike so many complicated appliances today, Viron XT has been lovingly designed for ease of operation. 3 programmed speeds are preset at the factory and will suit most pools and most applications. However each speed is able to be customised with a press of an up or down button. Operation is intuitive, with specific design input from the non IT generation to ensure the Viron XT as user friendly as possible.


Unique High Performance Features

Each time your pump is opened, the pump has to be primed and air expelled from the filtration and pipe work. This can take awhile. Viron XT fast prime mode operates the pump at higher than normal speeds during this period and cuts down the time it takes to get rid off the air in the pump and system by more than 30%. This cuts down wear on the pump components and saves time. When the pump is fully primed it automatically go’s back to the last operating speed selected. When operating at high pressures in floor cleaning systems, driving spa jets, or some water features, Overdrive mode will increase and regulate the speed of the pump to achieve truly high pressures and flow. The pump will never use excessive power but also assure your pool system is operating at its peak.

These two unique features in the new Viron XT range provides the most flexible and adaptable pump on the market and will often allow you to save money by choosing a smaller model that will out perform other larger pumps.


Energy Savings

Increasing or reducing the speed of a pump simply changes the flow rate by the same rate. However, the actual energy used to change the speed and flow varies dramatically. Halve the speed of your pump and the flow rate will also halve but, the energy used drops by more than 85%. compared to conventional single speed pumps, the Viron XT pump will save between $700 and $1,200 annually in operating costs.


Environmentally Friendly

The Viron XT range takes new steps forward in friendly pumps. In fact, a conventional single speed pump uses more power, and is the cause of more Co2 emissions than most any other household appliance. Viron XT pumps reduce energy use by up to 90% and effectively reduce greenhouse emissions by up to 90% (when power supplied from coal fired power plants). But, building a pump also contributes to greenhouse emissions. The larger the motor, the more raw materials go into it, and the more emissions are used to produce the motor. AstralPool produce the right size motor for your individual application, reducing our carbon footprint in the process.


Built in Australia for the Toughest Conditions on Earth

Your Viron XT Pump is a great investment. Each individual component is carefully designed and selected for maximum life span in the tough Aussie climate. 316 stainless steel hardware, robust engineering plastics and quality silicone seals create a pump that lasts. Even the motor and sophisticated electronics are lovingly designed and manufactured to be easily serviced and repaired. These are just some of the reasons the Viron XT Pump carries a 3 year in field warranty.


Viron P320 XT

Ideal for the average sized pool, the P320 XT has a flow rate sufficient to back wash up to 30” or 800mm diameter sand filters, provide a powerful vacuum when cleaning the pool and drive up to 6 spa jets. The inbuilt 24 hour timer is easily enabled and provides up to four time periods each day with different speed settings to provide the perfect flow rate for your pool. The large display clearly shows the RPM of the motor and allows adjustment of the start up priming time, priming flow rate, and visual display of each speed setting.


Viron P520 XT

The flagship Astral Pool pump come with an inbuilt time clock and 4 timer periods for each day. A different speed can be saved to each period allowing unmatched flexibility. Special applications such us programming water features or in floor cleaning are enabled using the time clock and speed selection for different times of day. The Viron P520 XT is capable of the most applications with high flow and high pressure all the while delivering a leader in energy efficiency. In addition the P520 XT incorporates electronic power factor correction which creates even further reductions in power usage, even on maximum speed.


3 Year Warranty

The Viron XT Pumps are covered by a limited 3 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Refer to the product manual or go to for full warranty details.


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